Investing In Impact For Refugees Hope
© UNHCR/Gabriela Perez Montiel

Mexico Integration Project

USA for UNHCR and its compassionate donors have been strong supporters of the Mexico Integration Program, funding more than $4.2 million since 2018. The program has helped thousands of families restart their lives and represents a new and innovative way donors are helping refugees thrive.

As asylum claims soared to more than 190,000 over the five-year period, the program has helped more than 10,000 refugees to start over in Mexico as entrepreneurs and informal jobs with full benefits in factories, in retail, and as managers. 

“It’s a win-win for all,” said Kelly Clements, UNHCR’s Deputy High Commissioner, during a 2021 visit to Mexico and the region. “It’s a win for the asylum seekers who have jobs and are living safely. And it’s a win for the businesses that are able to add to their community and add to the essence of the private sector.”